Getting Started With AIB

Thank you for considering American Insurance Broker's.  Please read all of the details below on how to get started with our company.

If you are NOT currently Licensed

Before you can start a rewarding career in the Insurance Industry, you have to have a professional license.  We highly recommend getting your Life & Health license as a lot of products "cross over".  However, if you are just going to be selling one and not the other, you can choose life only or health only.  There are 2 different ways to obtain your license:

  1. The most recommended way is to attend a live class face to face.  This will allow you the most interaction with feedback and the ability to ask questions from the instructor.  There is a higher passing ratio among students who take their course in person.  Click the link below to find classes and pricing in your area.
    1. Indiana Live Trainer In a class $399
    2. Other States $149.95 - $248.95 (Some states only offer Live Web Classes)
  2. The 2nd method, is at home study.  This is a cheaper alternative but will require discipline with self-study and practice training.  There is a lower success rate with at-home-study, but many have still successfully achieved their license this way.
    1. All States - $149.95 - $248.95

If you ARE currently Licensed

If you are currently licensed, please email all of your active licenses to: or fax to: 312 256-9390

E&O Insurance

Just about every Insurance Carrier will want you to have Error's and Omission Insurance (E&O) to cover you in the event that you are sued by a consumer.  It protects the company, but most important, It protects you!  We require you to have as a minimum, $1 million per claim and $2 million Aggregate.  If you already have current E&O with these required minimum, then follow the instructions above and send us a copy.  (Note: If you plan on selling Fixed Annuities, you will need to make sure you add that coverage to you plan)

If you need E&O coverage, click HERE to get the most affordable coverage we know of.  Once you have your certificate, please forward to us.

AML Training (Required to Sell Life)

You will be required to study and pass the Anti Money Laundering (AML) course prior to contracting with any of our life insurance carriers.  Click HERE to take the training and forward the proof to us after you pass.  If you are new to LIMRA, click on "register here".  Step 1: Enter your name and NPN (National Producer Number) and set your own password.  Step 2, select AIM Marketing and Step 3, select the following carriers: 

  • American-Amicable Life
  • Americo Financial
  • Colorado Bankers
  • Great Western
  • Kansas City Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Royal Neighbors

Once you are set-up and good to go, you can login any time by going HERE and then select AML.  Follow the guidelines.

Office Land-Line

We really do NOT recommend using your cell phone as your main business line.  If you are like most people, you get a lot of text's and personal calls on your cell phone which makes it really difficult to use for our business.  If you have decent internet, then we recommend Ooma VOIP service.  It is only $119.99 for the WHOLE year and has all of the functions and features you will need.

If you do not have decent internet then you will want to get basic service from your local phone provider.

Fax Number

You will definitely need the ability to receive faxes as well as being able to send them.  We recommend  You can receive faxes right on your computer or cell phone and you can also send faxes right from your PC or Smart device as well for only $9.95 per month for up to 300 pages per month.

PDF Printer

One of the most common tools you will need in the business, is a PDF printer.  This allows you to print ANY document and to .pdf format which is the most common format we use and the norm for what most people read.  Below are the 2 best options we have found and use:

FREE - Bullzip PDF Printer - This is a basic .pdf printer to get you going and is easy to use.

$43.50 1 YR - PDF-XChange Editor - Eventually you will want a more robust .pdf solution that will allow all of the features you wget with Bullzip, but it will also allow you to sign pdf doc's without having to print them, erase or change items on an existing pdf and this software also allows you to export a pdf as an image.  

PDF Shrink

A lot of times you will run across a .pdf file that is too large to email.  The size will have to be reduced.  You can shrink any .pdf for free by going to: 

Other Recommended Items

Once you get all of the initial items taken care of, you can go to our Suggested Agent Tools page in order to work more efficiently from home.  HERE you can order office items, business cards and AIB Polo's.