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What is Final Expense?

"Final Expense" or "Burial Insurance", is non other than a whole life insurance policy.  Many years ago, the Insurance carriers came out with these plans because the "traditional" whole life policies were not available under $50,000 of coverage.  Most consumers over the age of 60, cannot afford $50,000 of whole life coverage, so the carriers lowered the amounts to make them more affordable.  


A "Whole Life" policy allows you to lock-in a set amount of insurance at a rate that will never increase in cost.  The policy also does build cash value after a certain amount of time.  The cash value allows you to borrow money should you need it in an emergency, or use it to pay your insurance premium in the later years.  You can also elect to take "Paid-Up-Life", which means you can waive the cash and take a lower amount of the life insurance, "Paid in full".


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